Boo's Digital Photos taken with a Fuji S602Z.

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Assorted wildlife

See also the page dedicated to wild badgers and to wild and garden birds.

Photographs of red squirrels taken at Formby Point in Merseyside in February 2003. Most taken using aperture priority as they were very active and moving from spots of sunlight to deep shade.

Young squirrel taken at Formby point in Merseyside.  Taken using aperture priority.  Although most people feed peanuts, we've found the extra treat of hazelnuts more productive.  The hazelnuts provoked a burying frenzy.  Capturing a still shot proved almost impossible, they move very fast.  Some of the red squirrels are much darker having been introduced from Europe to boost the population.  The odd lucky frozen moment of action.  Even behind the safety of a tree, their ears were turned our way.  This little fellow looks like a youngster.

We also get grey squirrels in the garden and the determination and acrobatics they display in trying to access food that was supposedly out of their reach, is something to behold.

Grey squirrel balancing to get black sunflower seeds out of a bird feeder.  A second squirrel takes the easier route and empties the bird table.   The reason for the long rear toes and claws become evident.  Hanging upside down beneath the feeder he experiments with another technique.

A young squirrel has taken to visiting me on my office window sill - largely to try and access the nuts in the bird feeder on the window, but the close proximity has allowed some photo opportunities and some trust to develop. She'll now allow me to stand quite close outside to photograph her.

She sits on the first floor window sill weighing up the feeder.  She's allowing quite close access outside to take photos.  As long as I keep still, she's reasonably happy. Who me? Sunflower hearts, my favourite.  Watching me, watching you.  Balancing act.

Miscellaneous wildlife sightings

A male Roe Deer ventures into a field for some supper.  A very rare close and special red deer encounter at sunset.  A serene swan as light starts to fail, on Windermere.  Not really wildlife, but he's jolly handsome.  Please click for a larger view.  We found this chap hiding amongst logs.  Please click for a larger view.

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