Boo's Digital Photography Tutorials.

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In response to the many e-mails I get asking me for more details on how I achieve certain things, either photographic effects or post-processing techniques, I will gradually put together a set of tutorials in respect of those questions I'm asked most often. This is very much a work in progress.

Whilst the principles behind my tutorials are sound photographic theory, the tutorials are written specifically for users of crop format sensor DSLRs, in my case the 300D and 20D and any specifics or numbers given relate only to this range of cameras with the same relative sensor size. Whilst the principles can be applied to any camera, specific numbers and figures may not be appropriate to other models - you will need to make adjustments for the relative crop ratio of your own sensor. They are also written very much from a personal perspective and you are free to draw your own conclusions.

Blog style tutorials:

I also have a less formal series of blog style tutorials - often based on forum posts for regularly occuring subjects - including one on getting the best from a compact camera for gig photography. Eventually, all my tutorials will be updated and imported into that format of site.


No.1: Available light live music photography - this tutorial is on another site!
Tips on getting the best from available light photography, specifically with the Fuji S602, my former camera. Alhough the document is concerned largely with live music photography and the specifics of that camera model, the background theory and techniques can be applied to any low light scenario with any camera. This link takes you to the page on my live music portfolio web site. I also have an informal tutorial on getting the best from a compact camera for gig photography on my blog style tutorial site.
No.2: De-saturating colour images
This is one of my favourite techniques to partially de-saturate images and boost their tonal range, using layers. Also some favourite tips for use with monochrome images. Updated July 2004.
No.3: Backlit subjects using available light
I'm often asked about some of the flower and natural subjects I've photographed with black backgrounds, this is the technique I use.
No.4: Why don't my 300D photos look like yours?
I'm often approached by photographers asking why they are getting the same sort of results they see here on the site. I have some theories . . .
No.5: Creating panoramas with the Canon 300D
How to set the camera and prepare to take the frames needed for panorama photographs, my personal technique.
No.6: Frequently Asked Questions, using the Canon 300D
Why use RAW, why change ISO, setting a custom WB and using the DOF preview button.
No.7: Blending exposures using masks
How to increase the dynamic range displayed in an image by blending multiple exposures using masks.
No.8: Working with high ISO images
A personal essay on my high ISO image workflow, including how to expose right, when to reduce noise and when to leave it alone, sharpening and the power of resampling.
No.9: Getting the best from the 50mm f1.8 lens
Canon's 50mm f1.8 MKII prime lens is a little gem, but it needs you to play the numbers.
No.10: The black art of digital image sharpening
My personal observations, tips and tricks for sharper looking images, for screen and print.
No. 11: Depth of field and hyperfocal distance
Understanding the fundementals of depth of field and my own personal tips for using hyperfocal distance tricks for reliable landscapes.
Blog style tutorial site :: new ::
A series of less formal blog style tutorials and thoughts, often based on posts to recurring themes on photography forums.

If you found them useful . . .

Boo's digital photography tutorials are provided free of charge for fellow photographers, but if you found them useful and would like to make a small donation to the upkeep of the site, you can do so using PayPal by clicking the button to the right. Thank you.

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