Miscellaneous digital photos.

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Miscellaneous Subjects

Photographs taken of a variety of miscellaneous subject matters with cameras ranging from the Fujifilm Finepix 2800Zoom, the Fujifilm Finepix S602Zoom and the Canon Rebel 300D Digital SLR. The bird and squirrel photos have been moved to their own Wildlife and Birds page

The Malcolm Wilson Rally; photographs taken at the Grizedale Forest north stage (Cumbria, England) on Saturday 6th March 2004.

Rally cars at the Malcolm Wilson Rally in Grizedale Forest.  Rally cars at the Malcolm Wilson Rally in Grizedale Forest.  Rally cars at the Malcolm Wilson Rally in Grizedale Forest.

Rail travel from a different era; we live near a railway that runs steam trains as a tourist attraction and they keep the stations in a style in keeping to the era of the trains. I thought it appropriate to treat the photographs in the same manner.

Train under steam approaching the station.  Waiting.  I hope that they're not needed.  Station structure, always worth looking up.  Platform stuck in time.  Steaming into the sun.  Train track abstract.  Approaching the station.

Miscellaneous subjects

My husband with Wilma, taken in camera in black and white.  1/12 @ f2.8 in BW Scene Position mode.  Rescue cat Norris enjoying some early spring sunshine.  A local church taken late in the afternoon in October.  Euro coins in super macro, done as a lighting exercise. 1/2 @ f10  My husband at his karate club.   External flash used to capture the motion.  My son, training at the karate club. Senior grades doing padwork.  My husband is a Shodan and karate instructor.  My son behind is catching him up.
'Low Light' entry in the Fuji Challenge, took 15th place. I also like manipulating photographs to make new pieces of art.  Please click for a larger view.  This photograph has been de-saturated, but not completely, leaving some natural colour.

Photos below taken in February 2003 at Beacon Fell in Lancashire

The first spring lamb on 2003.  Spring snowdrops growing at the roadside.  A glimpse of daylight moon as a backdrop for hang gliders.  Low winter sun catching the water.  Low winter sun causing some attractive lens flare.  Wooland makes the most interesting shapes and textures.  My boys, I'm not sure who is the least mature.  Wide angle taken in late afternoon and showing the moon.  Late afternoon winter sun filtering through trees.  An early morning shot of the moon.  The river Irwell at sundown.

Fireworks; I took these at a local village organised display. I'd not photographed fireworks before, so had no idea how easy it would be, or what settings to use. I hadn't really prepared for it, just jumped in the car with my camera and guessed at some likely settings. The display was almost over when I got there, but I still managed to capture a few and my guesses proved just about right, most of these were middle frames of bursts, as I followed the track of the rocket as it exploded. The starburst in the first shot was just plain lucky.

Local fireworks display November 2003. Local fireworks display November 2003. Local fireworks display November 2003. Local fireworks display November 2003.

Some of my early favourites, taken with the Fujifilm 2800Zoom

Crummockwater in Cumbria, taken in November 2002.  My sister did a charity abseil and I did my bit by recording it for posterity!  Dob Gill running into Thirlmere in Cumbria, October 2002.  We met Star Wars actor Jeremy Bulloch at a signing session.  A photo from my favourite spot on the shore of Ullswater.
Tarn Hows on a particularly calm autumn day.  An amusing road side sign in Cumbria.  A delicate wall fern looked wonderful against the grey slate. The wonderful textures of a monkey puzzle tree.

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