Flora and Macro digital photos.

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This assortment of views was taken over about a two year period with several digital cameras, the Fujifilm 2800 and S602 and Canon's 300D digital SLR. Please see the Tutorials page for tips on how I produce some of the shots in this page.

The first Daffodil of 2003 on the day it opened. Isn't a daffodil the most strikingly simple design.  A host of daffodils on a perfect spring day  The sky really was that colour.  The first splashes of spring colour are such a treat.  Celandines growing in a spring hedgerow.  A magnificent Swiss tulip photographed in May.  Multi-petalled tulip grown from a Swiss bulb.  Macro high speed shot of watering a plant, taken for a camera forum challenge on the subject 'water in motion'.  Dandelion seeds about to take to the wind, taken with +3 dioptre close up rings.  See also the black and white version.  Japanese Maple leaf, taken with close up rings and very shallow depth of field.  This poppy is considered a weed, but I rather like them.  Poppy after a rain shower in  a brief moment of sunlight.  A hover fly inspects the 1 inch diameter flower on a tagetes plant.  Taken with macro zoom on the Canon Rebel, using a 28-135mm image stabilised lens.  Freesia taken indoors with diffused artifical light and reflectors.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Macro photograph of a late flower with a visitor.  Bumble bee.  Although the image isn't terribly good, it's fascinating to see them so close. Time to catch some rays.  It's nice to permanently capture some summer colour.  A bright moment to later enjoy in winter.  What a difference just by facing the other way.

Christmas Raspberries

My husband gave me some raspberry canes at Christmas 2003 and at the time, they were nothing more than sorry looking sticks poking out of a soggy plastic bag - there was no sign of life at all. As the year started to warm the sticks sprouted leaves and within a month, were tall healthy plants full of promise. These fruits were my first 'crop', albeit a modest one, after only single fruits initially. You have my assurance that they tasted as sweet and flavourful as they look.

Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.

Hybrid tea rose

I was given a rose bush in January for my birthday as the rose variety was in my given name. At that time it wasn't much more than a lifeless-looking twig. It has developed beautifully through the spring and displayed some magnificent flowers during July 2003. I took a series of macro photos over several days when each of the opening blooms were at their most perfect before weather damaged them.

The roses were photographed, largely in natural light outdoors on very overcast and dark days, hand held and with the use of a reflector to add the only additional illumination. Only the view indicated used flash, against a diffusing reflector.

Partially open rose bloom taken in natural light on a dull and blowy day.  Half open rose, taken with diffused flash, on the macro setting.  Rosebud just opening.  Taken with natural light on the macro setting.  Half open rose (the bud to the left), taken the following day on the macro setting.  Petal detail from a fully open bloom after a rain storm.  Second day of opening for the tight bud shown in the third view. The opening buds are perhaps at their most beautiful and their scent most intense.

Photos below taken with the Fujifilm 2800Z. I think it's probably this series of images taken one lovely summer that caused me to fall in love with photography all over again.

Garden dahlia photographed in summer 2002.  Marguerite daisy in a garden pot.  Fuchsia growing in a hanging basket.  Small fern growing in a slate wall in Cumbria.  Varigated marigold taken in summer 2002.  A yellow and red marigold in the garden.  Holly leaves growing wild, taken at Christmas.  The happy faces of potted violas.  Composite shot of a butterfly and leaves from another photograph.

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