Boo's Loved Ones.

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Family Subjects

These are rather more personal photos of family members, probably not of any interest much further afield. One of the things I like doing, is manipulating photos further on the computer, to turn them into digital art from a photographic original and some of the images below are examples of this.

My husband with Wilma, taken in camera in black and white.  1/12 @ f2.8 in BW Scene Position mode.  My boys, I'm not sure who is the least mature.  I love black and white for portraits, especially informal ones.  I also like manipulating photographs to make new pieces of art.
A colour original was converted to monochrome and slightly tinted.  The same colour original treated to a watercolour finish.  Monochrome working of an informal portrait.  Will they ever grow up? Sitting on the back of a giant carved snake in the forest. Rescue cat Norris enjoying some early spring sunshine.  At what age does making ears behind Dad cease to be fun? Point into the middle distance with a noble expression.  Please click for a larger view.  Heidi Jay, my sister's Miniature Snauzer!  Our lovely little female kitty; Wilma.  Rebel shot with the 50mm f1.8.  Two for the price of one - portraiture challenge entry. Our ginger behemoth Norris.  Taken with the Canon 300D and the 50mm f1.8 lens.  You probably shouldn't have dared me!  Rebel shot with the 50mm f1.8 lens.  Norris, taken in the light from one window with the 50mm f1.8 lens.  My husband was so intent on the rugby he was still enough for this 1/10 second exposure.  My mother in law, taken in the light from one window.  My mother in law, taken in the light from one window.  My, how my son is growing up.  Please click for a larger view.  You think he'd be old enough to know better.  Please click for a larger view.  No darling, you're not a supermodel.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Please click for a larger view.  Tortoiseshell cat Wilma getting a tickle from her Dad, who she adores.  Taken in the English Lake District in the summer of 2004.  Please click for a larger view.

My son and husband are keen participants in karate, my husband being a first dan and qualified instructor and my son is currently preparing for his first dan.

My husband at his karate club.   External flash used to capture the motion.  My son, training at the karate club. Senior grades doing padwork.  My husband is a Shodan and karate instructor.  My son behind is catching him up.

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