Peel Shukakai Karate Club, Ramsbottom in Lancashire.

Train with a friendly karate club for karate and self defence
at the St John's Church Hall, Whalley Road, Shuttleworth on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Tel. Mike on 07587 221 998

Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning classes
See below for class times.

Peel Shukokai Karate

Peel Shukokai instructors.
Peel Shukokai instructors Mike Tucker and Barrie Hurst.

Broadly speaking, Karate is the ancient system of the training of mind and body to act in harmony and thereby generate a devastating system of the action and responses used in unarmed combat. The style of Karate we teach is called "SHUKOKAI" and it is one of the three most practised styles in the country, it derives from the earliest formal disciplines generated on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Why take up karate, what's in it for you?

Your Senseis; Barrie and Mike.  Your Chief Instructor at Peel Shukokai Karate is Mike Tucker; 6th Dan black belt (right). Mike is a Karate England (2005) Ltd. qualified karate coach, qualified senior instructor and grading instructor.


Tuesday - St John's Church Hall, Shuttleworth: 6:30pm ~ 7:30pm

Thursday - St John's Church Hall, Shuttleworth: 7:00pm ~ 8:00pm

Saturday - St John's Church Hall, Shuttleworth: 10:00am ~ 11:00am

Beginners of all ages are welcome!

I'd like to start lessons, what do I need?

Whilst we say that 'all ages' are welcome, clearly the activities are unsuitable for very young children and we ask that children must at least have started at school. Karate is a potentially dangerous physical contact sport and all participants, for their own safety and everyone else in the class, must be able to listen carefully to - and follow - instruction and comprehend their responsibility to others in the class to keep everyone safe. They must be able to understand restraint is required and be self-disciplined enough to undertake the classes safely.

If your child is mature enough to accept these reponsibilites, they will be very welcome. Karate has a lot to offer young and old and our classes are a very varied mix of people. Having said that, great efforts are taken to ensure ability and physical strength are carefully matched during exercises.

Whilst safety is paramount, fun is too and we work hard to ensure that kids especially enjoy classes and find it rewarding, the simply won't stick with it if they don't enjoy it. We celebrate improvement and try to ensure that each participant gets some 1 to 1 or small group tuition each lesson, so that they know their progress is being carefully monitored and they feel encouraged to continue their hard work.

Whilst longer term if you want to continue with classes, there will be some outlay for a karate suit (gi) and a licence (we can organise all of these for you), initially, all you will need is to turn up, with something comfortable to wear that allows free movement, like a t-shirt and jogging bottoms and a drink of water. Be aware that all karate is done in bare feet. Fees for classes for non-members start from £4.00 per lesson.

Peel Shukokai at work:

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Two senior grades receiving padwork tuition.  Junior grades practicing katas with the instructor.  Two senior grades developing self defence techniques.  Two junior grades practicing self defence techniques.  Two junior grades practicing self defence techniques.  A first dan practicing the subtle moves of a kata.

Peel Shukokai Karate (established in Ramsbottom in 1994) is a member of the Amateur Martial Association Ltd - AMA based in Bury.

Through effort, application and physical and mental training, we can all learn and enjoy self discipline, endurance and self-confidence, but remember; you can only expect to gain from Karate what you yourself are prepared to put in.

Classes at the St John in the Wilderness Church Hall, Whalley Road, Shuttleworth - Lancashire, UK.
Tel. Mike on 07587 221 998

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